100cc QMB139 50mm Big Bore Cylinder Kit GY6 engine with 69mm Valves EGR Head


GY6 100CC 50mm QMB139 Big Bore cylinder Engine kit with Cylinder, Cylinder head,piston kit, head gasket, base gaskets.

QMB139 50mm Piston Kit 

  • Piston Outer Diameter: 50mm

Cylinder Head Gasket 

  • 50mm Inside Diameter

Cylinder Gasket GY6 50cc

  • Bore: 50mm

Cylinder for GY6 50cc engine

  • Bore: 50mm 

Cylinder Head

  • EGR Style Cylinder Head
  • 50mm Bore
  • Valve Length: 69mm
  • Overall Height: 59.5mm
  •  Intake Port Diameter: 17mm
  • Exhaust Port Diameter: 18mm 
  • Exhaust Bolt Hole Spacing: 49.75mm
  • Intake Bolt Hole Spacing: 44.75mm