47mm 139QMB Short case Engine GY6 80cc


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GY6 80CC 139QMB 139QMA scooter moped, 49cc 4-Stroke complete engine. Short crankcase version. Please Read The Following Important Notices: * This engine is shipped dry, included oil not installed. Includes 1 Liter of Bel-Ray Gear Saver Hypoid Oil 80W-90 and 1 Liter of Bel-Ray Scooter EXL Mineral 4T Engine Oil 10W-40. DO NOT RUN ENGINE WITHOUT ADDING SPECIFIED AMOUNTS OF OIL. * Check oil level after letting the engine idle for a few minutes, add additional oil if needed. * Set Up For Drum Brakes * This Engine Only Ships to the Continental U.S. * chinesepartspro.com has a no-return policy on all engines, barring manufacture defect or shipping damage.