Big Bore Kit 50mm GY6 Performance Engine 64mm Valve


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This kit includes :

50mm Cylinder Bore Kit Non-EGR style with 64mm Valve installed

Piston sets--50mm
Cylinder Body
Cylinder head--No ERG with 64mm Valve
Roller weights
Oil Pump
Oil Sproket
Whole set of Gaskets for short case of QMB139 engine. - Kits sold separately price: $39.99

Carburetor Assembly GY6 50cc engines

Inner Diameter:19mm
Outer Diameter:40mm
Electric Chock:2pin, male plug) - sold separately price:$18.99

Intake Manifold

Engine Mouth Side Inner Diameter:18.5mm
Carb Mount Side Inner Diameter:27mm
Bolt Hole Spacing:45mm)- sold separately price:$3.99

Insulator intake manifold Gasket GY6 50cc

Center Hole Diameter:16mm
Bolt Hole Spacing:45mm -sold separately price:$2.99

38mm Performance Air Filter

Intake Inner Diameter:38mm -sold separately price:$4.99

GY6 50cc Complete Variator Kit

Number of Teeth:62
Number of Splines:26
Outer Diameter:87mm
Roller Weight:8.5g -sold separately price:$11.99

GY6 50cc Ignition Coil

Overall Length:19 inches
Wire Length:14 inches -sold separately price:$5.99

A/C Gy6 Performance CDI

Split Plug:2 pin/4pin
AC-Alternating Current) -sold separately price:$5.99

Vacuum Actuated Fuel Valve Pet Cock

4 Ports
Bolt Hole Diameter:7mm -sold separately price:$4.99

Fuel Filter

Universal in-Line Fuel Filter for Scooters -sold separately price:$0.99

Rocker Arm Set GY6 50cc

Match for 64mm Valve -sold separately price:$4.49

Muffler exhaust Kit with Pipe.

Fit for most of QMB139 Engine.
Diameter:100mm -sold separately price:$52.99

Kit comes with 1more set of roller weight for backup. Each set is with 6 pcs roller weights.